Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Breath of Heaven



Robert Montgomery

Why is unity so fleeting?
To touch the face of God completes us.
As is every cell, every breath, every thought,
rests safely in His loving embrace.

So natural it seems to remain here
in the bosom of acceptance.
All of life's mysteries revealed.
Wonder and gratitude flowing.

What pulls me away?
Watching from outside the window.
A beggar at the feast.
My invitation in my hand.

I see clearly the doors guardian.
Armored sentinel, fears companion.
Its face hidden behind
layers of denial and regret.

Easy to fear the unknown.
Easy to forget my Savior's promise.
Here in the icy illusion
which is my chosen reality.

Yet in a breath of Heaven
my God reaches out to me yet again.
I can see the guardian's face
and clearly it is my own.

His armor of separation falls away
in one glittering remembrance.
"Welcome" is his message.
Acceptance and understanding are His promises.

I have always been here.
Honored guest at the feast.
My brothers and sisters about me.
Singing the chorus of salvation.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

rising with the dawn...



Robert Montgomery

Quiet mind.
Don’t think.
Just feel this breath
moving up
and through.
Gentle peace
rising and falling
bringing smiles
of release
and blissful surrender.

All talked out.
Excused away
yet here again.
Always here

At the beginning.
If I could only
live in the dawn.
I am at my best
at daybreak.
My mind clear.
My heart focused.
Distraction yet to touch
my Holy mind.

How to live here
yet not be of here?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

finding the teacher within...



Autumn Morn
Robert Montgomery

I am so filled
with the joy of living
my heart singing out
on this cool autumn morn.
My heart belongs
to every child.

The vision still lingers
in theirs minds.
of a Heaven...
flashes of Utopian

They battle
the dampening
by the world
of thought.
The wisdom
of the physical.

"What you see is truth."
not what you feel within.

I seek to reveal
their beauty...
the untouched elegance
of their souls.

To teach
is to demonstrate
and so this is my journey
as well.
The children teaching me
as I teach them.

Their wisdom
in its simplicity.
Their innocent questions
shaking the world
to its foundations.

to the dream
living it
with every breath
creating family
amongst strangers.

We look
into the deep
of each others souls
and see

And so we become
one again...
We unite
in understanding...
all of us

All of us playing
as on an endless
summer day
drinking in
the brilliant warmth
of home.

Monday, September 7, 2009

another day begins...



Robert Montgomery

and finally
where are you really?
is there really anywhere
to go?

for how to move
when you
are always

as I begin
yet another day
full of possibility
and mystery.

One would think
that people
could not wait
for the dawn
in excitement
for the promise
of tomorrow.

We live
such patterned
routine moving us
through familiar steps.

and so we fall
to the wonder
of the breath
of the glory of light
and feeling.

every moment
never the same
yet all part
of the tapestry.

I drink
this moment...
sparkling elixir
of heaven.

It expands
within me
warming this vessel
to God's

rises within me
from my toes
and out
of my head.

His gift...
to me.
He wants
so very much
for me to learn
through joy.

and so
with His trust
in my heart
I step out
into another

Friday, September 4, 2009

thanking a friend...Namaste



heaven bound



the road
Robert Montgomery

Yesterday gone
I am here for another day Lord.
How many times
have we had this conversation?
How many mornings
have I breathed away the ragged
pain of yesterday?

I will look my pain in the face
To dull it denies
any connection
with my brothers and sisters.

We all share the same confusion.
We all cringe at the dark
and jump at shadows.
Yet through this epic dream
I can see ahead
the light of Heaven
pouring down from above.

Its light
extends down
into every darkened corner,
warming, glowing,
until all is "ablaze"
all is safe
in its gentle embrace.

I walk this road
not alone,
in faith and trust
that I must learn this
if I am to bring it to others.
I must know this
if I am to come home.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the gift of flight...



Remembered Wings
Robert Montgomery

My mind wants to wander
free from my own restrictions
released from this bondage
of who I think I need to be.

My soul wants to play
touching sunbeam to sunbeam
open to this truth
of who I am really.



Looking out
with soft eyes
and a gentle smile
of peaceful acceptance

upon a world
of angels
still remembering
they have wings.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i just love this picture...life is art