Saturday, November 14, 2009




Dear God,

I take this breath
in your service.
Fill me with your fire.
Light me from within.
So that your radiance
shines forth before me.
I am ready
to spread your light
through forgiveness and understanding.
I am ready
to show your love
through acceptance and tolerance.
I am ready
to be your servant
through commitment and focus.
Lead me Lord.
Sing to me
the songs of Heaven.
Show me
the true path before me.
Allow forgiveness
to first be given unto myself.
For I am on this journey
with my brothers and sisters.
Put your love first in my mind.
Let me not be tempted
by selfish thoughts
of fearful separation.
But let me see truly
the angel
behind every face.
Let me see
the burning soul
behind every teardrop.
Let me see
the timelessness
in every smile.
I open before you.
Fill me deeply
so that I might empty myself
out onto the world.
Let love
be my only song.
Let understanding and wisdom
be my guides
as I go out
into another perfectly
glorious day.
Your gift to us.
The present.

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