Saturday, August 29, 2009

welcome at the feast



Robert Montgomery

yearning to share
a door flung open
and out of the ancient halls
comes music divine.

Sweet billowing songs
of gratitude
echo throughout
this sacred place
too long held silent
and waiting.

words come
wanting to weave
wanting to stretch
the close fisted heart
of a frightened world.

sometimes this process
hurts and I can feel
the weeping inside myself.
Tears for the world
and grief
for not caring enough.

Is this evil?
Is this the force
which attempts
to take me
from God's right hand?
petty worry...
senseless desire...
dull pain?

to remember
fills the halls again
with rapturous music
and the gentle knowing
of my Lord's smile
always the choice...
always the table set
and waiting for
me to be seated.

Friday, August 28, 2009

the discipline of peace...



Robert Montgomery

Man has become waiters in time.
Marking the days.
We count down to events
only to pass them by
en route to another destination.

Sometimes we linger
and time slows to a heartbeat.
Beyond plans and definitions.
These pauses are ironically
the life we are searching for.

Everything else is movement
away from paradise.
For such is found within
and the spasms of the outer world
so many times blind us.

Can we live without and within?
Surely for God means us to be happy in physical form.
Yet this takes discipline
and a commitment to retrain the mind’s thinking.

Finding our inner voice opens all of life to us.
Suddenly the connection are clear
and we see beyond time and space
to the unity of all which is truth.

Why, how, when, where…
all become so many scattered petals
on the breeze of our Holy mind.
For where all is one
there are no questions.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pausing to Remember...



Robert Montgomery

the sky
and the promise
of sun drenched

and the echo
of play filled

the dawn
and the glory
of each newborn

and the reflection
of silver etched

and the beauty
of untouched

and the lessons
left along the road
before you

and the song
within you

the way

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Celestial Skies
Robert Montgomery

Celestial skies
cloudy, gray,
with bits of blue
peeking through.
Heaven looking down
as we slumber
in a colorless dream.

I sit here
as always
these hands
before me
these eyes
searching out

How can I seek
when I am here?
What can be looked for
where all is found?

Riddles of life
keeping me moving
when the secret lies
in stillness.

All the world
its flow
and tantrums
roll about me.

Yet I am
the eye of this storm.
I am
the expector
of these images.

I close my eyes.
Is the world still there?
I change my mind.
Is it still true?

Living in the moments
between the questions.
Picking words
as fruit from the vine.

Sweet nectar
ripe and waiting.
My soul
this attention.

Giving myself
to the flow
of my desire.
Not editing
or worrying about

Does the vine
worry of its blossoms?
Does the river
chart its course?

Now above
the skies begin to open.
Bright pieces of light.
Cracks in the gray.

Reminding me
of the Watcher
Who sees all
and is always with me.

As I look up
the light moves
into these eyes
and I am above
and below
and within.

Breathing myself
into the blessed
with sight
color and texture
creation and destruction.

I sit here
as always
this soul
reaching out
for communion.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Listen to the children...



Robert Montgomery

belongs to the children
yet we teach them
to grow up...
put it away.

but never leading
we walk the road
laid out for us...
not realizing
we could imagine
a new one.

The children
are our future
not because
they are tomorrow's
they are today's

What they teach us
can move us
into a new world.

The question remains...
will we listen?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finding the child inside...


Robert Montgomery

time in the sun
laughter sprinkled
along my forgotten
so long
childhood echoes
dusty in the afternoon

so much magic
in that remembered
haunting in its
complex simplicity
just out of focus
somewhere beyond
my reach.

I can see
there through it all
with me
on that playground
long ago
that boy
so knowing
and yet
so very afraid...

I can feel
that familiar
about my shoulders
touching my soul
when I felt
so very alone...

Where is he
that boy
who knew so much
who felt
so deeply
who suffered
the pain
of so many
confused angels?

Here he sits
smiling from deep
inside me
filling me up
with the wisdom
of an innocent
ripped open
by the world's

His eyes
look out and see
in their

I see
the angels
every day
in the war
etched faces
of the prematurely
I am so blessed
to know.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

On time...

Robert Montgomery

Time slows
To sunlight through trees
Warm upon my face
Forgotten and remembered
These echoes of eternity
Laughing away care
In valleys of dew
Freshly kissed
By the day

Time yawns
To stretch this breath
Up and through me
Vision expanded
Taking me upwards
And outwards until
I float as
Summer petals white
On this ancient breeze

Time suspends
To capture perfection
A crystal of knowing
Deep inside me
It sings of wisdom
And courage
It shines with strength
And compassion
Within me

Time teaches
To hold precious
This heartbeat
Shared with history
All lies within
And without
Above and below
Expanding to embrace
A life of true vision.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Heaven's Heart


I love this picture. It says everything.

heaven is waiting
Robert Montgomery

every moment
is creation.
every breath
a chance
to do things

We search
for secrets...
keys which will
open the doors
to our captive

seemingly made
of iron
cast deep
in the cauldron
of eternity...

Ours are dreams held
at someone else's mercy.

Yet if we only
were to look
we would see
the face
behind the mask.
we would see
the face
of our captor...

for it is ourselves.

In any moment
we are given
the choice.
In any moment
we can decide
to let our passion
and joy
run free...
until the world
is drenched
in the unbridled
of happiness.

The birds
already sing.
the light
already plays
against the wind
blown leaves.

It is a world
constantly calling
for our participation...
asking us
to join
the dance.

Will we make
the choice for joy
or for pain?
for surely either
will be reflected
onto a weary world
too long held
in the bondage
of our confusion.

the answers
cry out to us
in every moment...
ancient secrets
played out on the
gentle summer

stop and listen...
the birds are singing.
Will we join
the chorus
or will ours
be the cry
of anguish
before the falling
of the executioner?

it is our choice...
heaven is waiting.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Robert Montgomery

I flow
with this pen
from one moment
into the next.

to release
the need
to question at all.

to lose
this character
made up of scraps
of memory
and collected

of illusionary
seeking to save
rather than burn

Fragmented beings
only believe
they are so
when really
the fire
of one thousand
burns inside
for release.

we were
to understand...
if only
we threw
off the veil.
So thin
that which
separates us
from our salvation.

So thin
and yet
in our conditioned
we see
a fortress
from which
the only escape
is death.

And so
we hide
the safe
the truth.

one of us
the secret desire,
the hope,
that we will be
the one
to outwit death.

And yet
so many
have done this
but not within
the illusion.
They transcend
by being
a fearless part
of every breath.

the fire
to blissful

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inspired by the gift of song...

For those of you who have been lucky enough
to be inspired by the music of David Archuleta
this is for you.

But it also speaks
to inspiration as it comes
to us in any form.

This poem speaks
to the spirit
which dwells in each of us.

is a salute
to that spirit.

David's gift
has opened again within me
that voice,
that yearning to share
and to connect.

It is the tug on our hearts
we feel when he sings,
or talks, or laughs or just smiles.
It is the call of home
we all so long to hear.

I can so clearly see
and feel spirit
working through David
but the gift
is that I feel it again
within myself.

And so I share this
with all of you
in salute of that connection
we all share.

It is the prayer
I see within his face
whenever he offers
his heart to us.

The Gift
Robert Montgomery

Oh spirit start
to sing within me
play upon
my eager soul.

Open me
to joyful rapture
deep within
this willing heart.

I am yours
to turn and polish
making me
a tool of love.

I am here
in peaceful silence
looking to
the light above.

Oh spirit see
this empty vessel
ready to
be filled and poured.

Sharing song
and light and laughter
out onto
a ready world.


Robert Montgomery

So what is poetry?

Have I grown?
Still questioning so much.
Still stretching
and questioning.
Perhaps that is growth...
the constant upheaval
of accepted truth...
unearthing the new
from the decay
of yesterday.

Walking fresh
into the now...
Readying the soil
for new growth
and expansion...
The cycle returning
to birth...
in every breath taken
is life given
and in every exhale
is life returned.

This dance
is one
of constant release
for these hands
can only hold
the present.
This soul
is guardian
of the now.

Here I am
once again...
shaking off the chains
of illusion
stepping out
of the story line
the plot...

This oneness
the truth
of all truths...
this connection
the real high of life...
all knowing mine
for the asking
all meaningless
and divinely

I am
in the garden
and of the garden.
I have never left.
We never left.
The illusion
is the gate
for how to exit
that which is

His way...

His Way
Robert Montgomery

just when I think
that life is one way
it turns around and becomes
another way but
always the same way
only I don't see
that the only way
is His way
and I remember
that mine is a journey
of ultimate trust
and if I only
breathed that
in every moment
that this soaring adventure
would connect me
as the bird
gliding the breeze
of summer

On saying goodbye...

do they know?
Robert Montgomery

It suddenly hit me
today on this bright
gentle July afternoon...
looking over at the pictures
it hit me
they're gone
really gone...

No more
to get out of class
no more
laughter in hallways
or the promise
of tomorrow's excuses.

"Have a nice weekend"
"See you tomorrow"
reduced to
"Take care and visit."
"Go change the world...
it needs you."

Do they know
that an age has passed?
Golden innocence
even in the face
of so much
horrific insanity.

Do they see
the bubble burst
behind them
opening the door
to what is
and what must be?

I smile through
the heartbreak
knowing that this heart
holds the precious
of their days
in this particular sun.

It suddenly hit me
today on this endless
July afternoon
that they are gone
really gone...
to their lives.

On faith, questions, answers and harmony..

Robert Montgomery

My heart
does not need
It is irrelevant
in the face
of true

Truth itself
no opposite...
no alternate

Turning away
does not change
the face
of God.

It merely brings
and despair
to the mind.

How can a sunbeam
separate itself
from the Sun?
How can a wave
be separate
from the Ocean?

And so how
can I exist
apart from God?

July 1997


Robert Montgomery

Always the struggle
with the individual.
I sit here
in the Sanctuary
where it all began.
Gentle breeze
upon my face...
the trees singing me

"The Garden lies
within my son.
is always
for the asking.
You hold the key.
You know the secrets
for there are none.
All that is
has always been
and always will be.
All time breathing
into this one

as I sit here
once again
in God's sanctuary.
Atlantis rising.
Egypt reborn.
and rebirth
the Gifts
of remembering.

July 1997


Robert Montgomery

"Too much of this...
too little of that.
My mind held captive
to the definitions
of the world."

Why am I so hard on myself?
Why do I feel so inauthentic?
as if everything I say
is edited...
and analyzed...
for meaning.
Hidden intent.
Hidden agenda.

But who's?

I want so much
to stop the tapes
in my head.
And I know
how to do it
so why am I afraid
of the work?

and focus
will clear the slate
wiping away
the hallucination
of regret
and lost moments.

How can I write
of that which I don't believe?
How can I say these words
when my life
does not support them?
Why am I so hard
on myself?

July 1997


Robert Montgomery

Yesterday fell into place beautifully
once I remembered who I was.
The deflection of life seems to only happen
when I strive to navigate the river.

Sinking deeply into every experience is the key
but not with worldly definitions.
It may look from the outside as if someone is detached
yet the miracle unfolds internally.

How can we open fully
to the majesty of every heartbeat?
It is the beat which plays the rhythm of life...
without a single note
the song is incomplete.

Just as every person makes a difference
so too does every laugh
every sigh
every snowflake
every moonbeam.

The tapestry is continually created
and we are stitchers
and stitches
and created.

Our part is no more or no less that any other
yet perfectly balanced
on the wheel
of creation.

Harmony requires perfect balance.

Balance requires perfect harmony.

Truth needs equal participation.

July 1997

and so I look into a future full of possibility. But I walk in the sureness of my own faith in God and His faith in me.

struggling with promises...

I guess that it must be
a part of the human experience
to want to do better,
to want to be better people.

Sometimes we are hardest with ourselves.
This poem speaks to that battle within.
Yet when we turn it over to God
we realize that the only battle
was with ourselves.

God was always there
just "waiting for the smallest invitation",
never judging,
and always seeing the beauty
which we truly are.

Robert Montgomery

Promises I make
promises I break
in these early hours.
My breath tight
the guilt of failure
rising within me.

Why can't I be strong?
Why am I not better?
Why always the promise?
How many mornings
must I rise to the chaos
of my own mind?

Gentle companion,
teacher, friend...
walk with me
show me
the forgiveness
within my self.

Remind me
of laughter
and the song of life.
Let is rise
ringing within me
heralding the day.

I so long
for the comfort
of your loving arms.
My heart cries out
for understanding.
It aches for peace
and the solitude
of acceptance.

Around me now
the angels flock
and the beat of their wings
blows away all guilt,
blows away all failure,
blows away
my self-imposed pain.

The inner smile
spreads through me now
warming with the fire.
I am forged anew.
The promise kept is His!
I am and will always be

I am and will always be
a part of this glorious chorus.
My voice raised high
dancing to the heavens...
my only promise
that I will remember
the way back home.

Monday, August 17, 2009


So much time
spent trying to get
with something.

I am hiking
up a mountain
of my own design...
trying to drag along
my own fears
and disappointments.

Why else would it be so?

Anyone can see
that death allows us
no luggage.

Why then
would I carry
so much with me
during the journey?

It is simple.
I fear the moment.

For this breath
is all I truly have
and upon its release
perhaps another.

Perhaps not.

That truth
is so profoundly
earth shattering
that I cannot accept it.

For to do so
would make every breath

Every heartbeat is
the ultimate chance
to live from the light I know
is my destiny.

I know.
yet wait until...
I have enough money,
or years, or pain, or whatever.

Yet that day
will never come
for I know that today
is all there is.

There is no guarantee on tomorrow.

Not a cliché
but an immensity
I fear looking upon.

And so I delay
and rarely ever live.

A life devoid of fear
lived in true trust...
I have felt it so many times.
Within it all is peaceful acceptance.

Within it too
lies a powerful responsibility
to live from there always.

Was not that Christ's message?

"You too can overcome the illusion
of life and be man's salvation."

We cannot
and do not
enter Heaven alone.

June 1998

Who am I today?

Maybe it's the day.

Maybe it's always the same day.
For whatever has led me here
I welcome
and do not fear
the destroyer
of so much paper

I find myself wandering
through prose elegant
and noble.
Yet nothing rings
within this hungry soul
so eager to be
the prince again

that princes live
in isolation.

Led here to this door
and behind it
a lifetime
I had almost forgotten.
a Me
I had filed away
behind walls
of arrogant survival.

I open it
and out flows
and instantly

Feeding a hunger
I could not

What do I believe...

I wrote this 25 years ago yet so easily could have written it today.

There was a time when
I looked inside
and saw merely
a reflection of thought...
learned images of what was
supposed to be real.

Concrete within me lay
of love, trust,
Where did they come from?
Who defends their truth?

I looked deeper.
There were the questions
I felt I had answered
believing I understood
but never "knowing"
never really "knowing"

Here I fell short of my goal
for to truly know
of thought and mind
there is no thought,
no debate,
no question.

It is there...
to hold, to caress,
to treasure.

I do not know,
I do not seek.
I look inside and see
a reflection...

a reflection of you.

Finding my faith again...

Another love poem
I wrote to someone
thinking that they were the vessel
of my happiness.

I have learned
that faith in anything material
will always fail.

People leave.
Possesions come and go.
We ride the tide
of embrace and release in this life.

The only thing eternal is love.

I realize today
as I read this poem
that I am the vessel.
I choose to love
and to receive love.

I have found my faith again.
I have found my God
who has never left me.

He waited patiently
for my return.

Today I can rest
in the comfort
of His eternal understanding and grace.

I used to wonder
At the mysteries
Of the world

My life is full
Of wonder

I used to think
That my heart
Could never truly
Be shared.

Now I think
That my heart
Beats with another

I used to ache
At the sight
Of true beauty

Now I ache
With the beauty
Flowing through me

I used to dream
That my love
Would come to me.

Now I wake
To dreams
Of passion and trust

I used to believe
That happiness
Was elusive

Now I believe
In the promise
Of love

I used to reach out
And find
Empty space.

Now I reach out
And find you
Holding me.

On love...

I wrote this awhile back about someone.
At that time I thought that love had to be found.
I thought that it rested like a treasure in another
and without them I had nothing.

Today I read this love poem
and realize
that it is written
to that beauty which connects us all.

I choose to call it God.

Just like we need a lamp
to bring light
into a darkened room
so too does God need us
to shine the light of love
out onto a needy world.

At least that's what I believe today.

you are
the golden
end of day
you are
the laughter
when children play

you are
a bird
in graceful flight
you are
a moonbeam's
silver light

you are
the wind
caressing the trees
you are
the whisper
of a gentle breeze

you are
and strength
you are
and flight

you are
and sweetness
you are
and light

you are
my future
you are
my past
you are
now and forever

my love at last



Standing at the chasm
of unspoken truth
deep the denial...
echoes of a soul
crying to be heard...
begging for the smallest

Is this a love
of required duties?
the words like chains
binding me to a self
I don't want to be...

Who is speaking now?
Why does this heart
need for anything?
Why does my gift
suddenly require

I've already played
this role seemingly
before me
with the decay
of remembered

Why does truth
make me feel
so alone?
of my endless

I am awake
from troubled
of excused exile...

a cup is useful
when it is empty.

Feb 1997


i sit
as before
an instrument
of the player

inside me
the voice tugs
and yearns
for release


i sit
and wait

the melody begins.

The Angel's Prayer

Breath into me Lord.
Slow my jumbled thoughts.
Still the tapes.
They are echoes
of a past
I now release.

to powerful
A centering
which does not separate
but connects.

The wheel
its strength
in shared unity...
all parts equally balanced...
giving and receiving...
power from the center.

Core understanding.

To be one
with my brother
I must go
to the center
and so become one
with all.

I pray now for those
who do not yet hold the vision.
May the angels surround them
and offer them understanding
a glimpse of perfection

Place that vision
foremost in my mind Lord
as I begin this day...
as I take on once again
my own mission
which you have laid out for me.

Clear my mind
so that my heart
may once again hear
the sweet melody
of Heaven.

Let the golden chorus
carry me back
into your arms.
I rest safely now
in the surety that soon
we will all be here
and loving...




I awaken
with the song
of God's chorus
ringing through
my foggy head.

I stumble
to the coffee
struggling to wake
and calm
my ragged breath.

I hear
the gentle call
of angels
singing to
my aching heart.

I struggle
to stop the tapes
playing out
the story of
my guilty failures.

I breath
away the confusion
and welcome
the call
of my yearning soul.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Until Now

A day before us...
full of possibilities.
We are not
the people
we were
Every moment
the past
leaving us
fresh and clear
from expectation
from failure
to embrace
the moment.
Breath it in
you have never breathed
until now
Look around
you have never seen
until now.
for it is your first laugh.
Sing out
with your new voice.
"Be the change."
eternity is here.


it is the end
of another day
again the embrace
of velvet sleep
as I forget
or remember
my reality.

where do we live
and where
do we dream
for life moves
with such spasms
of heartbreaking

stretching time
around experience
like a bubble
then bursting
and allowing the flow
to begin again.

who am I?
this me remembered?
called forth daily
playing the tapes
of past fears, joys,
celebration, despair?

how do I not
living fresh
a lover
of every breath
with every heartbeat.

it is heavy
this facade of me
so much work
trying to be
the me
I think everyone
wants me to be.

I dream
of sinking
deeply into every
sun drenched moment
warming me
from the inside out
ablaze in my rapture.

to everything
and so I become
only light
always new
and ancient.

as I sleep
I will wonder
if I am awake
and if this life
has been one of
and waking
to Heaven

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



take me
comfort me
teach me
lead me


life seems
by chance
and still
a cycle
binding us
to repeat
our mistakes
until they burn
firing glorious
ashes afloat
on the breeze
of redemption.

is spontaneous
and courageous
into the void
in truth
and the promise
of Salvation.

heart song

its as if
I had never heard
music before
until your voice
found its way
into my broken

You found
a way within
my defenses
filling my soul
with a song
of tender

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Forgotten Wings

Observations at an airport...

coming and going
but all of us going
only the workers
call this place home
the rest of us
and on the move

still we take
a piece
of our world
out with us
clothes, walk,
all programmed
into the muscles

we become creatures
on auto pilot
merely reliving
the same patterns over
and over again
and we ask,
"why is this always
happening to me?"

life shows us things
and we choose
sometimes the choices
are thrust upon us
but that
is the secret to living...

we are
at choice
we always
the option
of smiling.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sarasota Bound...

There is no way to know
where the road leads
unless you take
the first step.

February 11th, 2008
I took my first
tentative step
along my road
to recovery.

I knew forward
was my only choice.
I could not stand idle
and behind me
lay only darkness.

The step
was really taken for me.
For when I finally
decided to let God
back into my life
miracles happened.

On that day
I met two angels
and their light
illumined the path
before me.

They took my hand
and with a laugh
and a smile
told me
that I was
their new best friend.

And it was and is true.
Truth has no defense
or definition
it merely is.

I knew them
and they knew me
from a time
beyond time
where only love

They believed
in me
when I could not
believe in myself.

They had faith
in me
when I could find
little faith in myself.

They trusted
in me
and I began
to trust and believe
and have faith

The angels
are playmates
They do not come
with swords and fire
They come with music
and laughter
and the promise
of a summer afternoon

They remind us
of who we are
and of where
we are meant
to be

They show us
our true selves
behind our fear
and the illusion
of this world

They hold up
a mirror
to our face
and let us see
the angel within.

I leave to meet
my newest best friend
the angel Keenan
who waits for me
in a place called

I am her
She is my
Miracles everywhere
once we open our eyes
and see them.

Sarasota bound
am I
heading towards
Heavens Gate.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my gratitude list


Sometimes I just need to step back
and remember
that everything is fine
that everything in this moment
is perfect.

It is in those moments
that I feel the angels
around me
and the gentle call
of my God calling me

All is well
All is as it should be.

A prayer of gratitude...


I rise
in gratitude
for today is a gift
precious and unique
once taken
never to be
my heart
sings out in thanks
for I have been given
one more chance
to be the person
I know
I am meant to be
to say the things
I know
I am meant to say
to listen
as I know
I am meant to listen
I ask God
to walk with me
as I venture out
into this virgin day
full of promise
full of opportunity
full of responsibility
for the world needs
my compassion
His arms surround me
and the angels fly
about me
I am safe
I am loved
I am new again
and so it is