Saturday, November 7, 2009

the power of prayer...



When I write
it is as if
there is a song
already written
within me
and all I need
do is stop
be calm
and let it
sing through
and out of me
onto the paper.

When I write
there is a connection
like fire and water
flowing through me
warming me
until I am
with the passion
of existence
reaching out
my heart
and breath
and soul
to the love
which comes through
and out of me.

When I write
I hear
the song
of Heaven
I feel
the angels
around me
and I know
that I am safe
and loved
and a part
of something
than anything
I could ever

When I write
I am home.


Dear God

I thank you
for this divine
It moves so deeply
through me.
An instrument
of compassion.
As it fills me
so too fill my heart.
That I might
empty Your love
onto the world.
Let every breath
be my gift.
For I am here
in your service.



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