Saturday, December 5, 2009

another perfect day...



I wonder
how many perfect days
we could experience,
if only we let ourselves
relax and sink deeply
into the moment.

Is it about the event exactly
or is it that in those moments
we find a perfect connection
with who we really are?

David opens that door
for many of us.
He shows us a beauty
we all feel
deep within our hearts
but which is so many times
masked by fear and sorrow.

He laughs,
and smiles,
and bounces
his way
past our barracades
and lets the light shine
into our very souls.

I found a new family
the first time I experienced
David in concert.
And I found family again
Wed night in Anaheim.

We share
that common bond
of knowing but not knowing
why this angel of a boy
can touch us so deeply.

needs no explanation.
It merely is.
And the truth is
that David brings love.

He inspires me
to be open
to this miracle of life.
And he challenges me
to be a force for change
and peace in the world.

I was able to tell him
what his music
and example mean to me.
I told him
that he speaks
directly to my soul.

That soul connection
we all feel
not just with David
but with one another.

It is the greatest gift
we can offer.

And so I have
all I need today.
For I have a heart
and a soul
open and ready
to love.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A prayer of Thanksgiving...



Dear God

The day is here
and once again I am asked
to put aside my fears
and to embrace this chance.

Help me Lord
to see the truth within me.
Quiet my fearful mind.
Let me focus not on death
but rather upon the continuous
beauty of life about me.

The sparrow.
The light
upon golden leaves
as the wind kisses softly
making a glittering dance
of communion.

No longer alone and afraid
these moments
connect me
to the truth
of who I am.

A part of everything.
Let me sink deeply Lord.
For I long
so much to float
in your Heavenly waters.

Touching every smile
every moonbeam
with my innocence
and ancient wisdom.

Within me
lies salvation.
Yet there is no within
and so the truth must lie
everywhere about me.

In everyone
and everything.
I see it!
I smell it!
It fills me
with such sweet longing.

on the palace balcony.
I rise.
I float.
Not needing to understand.
Not wanting for answers.

For how can there be questions
where all is answered?

Take my heart Lord
in your keeping
as I walk
into this virgin day
full of possibilities
promises and miracles
expectation and acceptance.

Fill me
with patience
surround me
with gratitude.
Lest I fall asleep

I walk out
the awakened one
a part of the world
the world of your kingdom
the world called


Saturday, November 14, 2009




Dear God,

I take this breath
in your service.
Fill me with your fire.
Light me from within.
So that your radiance
shines forth before me.
I am ready
to spread your light
through forgiveness and understanding.
I am ready
to show your love
through acceptance and tolerance.
I am ready
to be your servant
through commitment and focus.
Lead me Lord.
Sing to me
the songs of Heaven.
Show me
the true path before me.
Allow forgiveness
to first be given unto myself.
For I am on this journey
with my brothers and sisters.
Put your love first in my mind.
Let me not be tempted
by selfish thoughts
of fearful separation.
But let me see truly
the angel
behind every face.
Let me see
the burning soul
behind every teardrop.
Let me see
the timelessness
in every smile.
I open before you.
Fill me deeply
so that I might empty myself
out onto the world.
Let love
be my only song.
Let understanding and wisdom
be my guides
as I go out
into another perfectly
glorious day.
Your gift to us.
The present.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

the power of prayer...



When I write
it is as if
there is a song
already written
within me
and all I need
do is stop
be calm
and let it
sing through
and out of me
onto the paper.

When I write
there is a connection
like fire and water
flowing through me
warming me
until I am
with the passion
of existence
reaching out
my heart
and breath
and soul
to the love
which comes through
and out of me.

When I write
I hear
the song
of Heaven
I feel
the angels
around me
and I know
that I am safe
and loved
and a part
of something
than anything
I could ever

When I write
I am home.


Dear God

I thank you
for this divine
It moves so deeply
through me.
An instrument
of compassion.
As it fills me
so too fill my heart.
That I might
empty Your love
onto the world.
Let every breath
be my gift.
For I am here
in your service.



Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finding life between the heartbeats.



Writing and music
and laughter and sorrow.
Christmas and celebration
and birth and death.
Life is showing its seasons.
Here in October
I am given the gift of Christmas
from David A. a bit early.
It reminds me of the birth
at a time when I am mourning
the loss of a life.

I am so thankful
for every experience in my life.
They all color
the palet of my heart.



I have found
that it is only
when I am forced
to stop and ask
for help
that the answers
come to me.

They are there
in the space
and regret.

As of late
life has opened
a way to
can open the door
as can joy
and laughter.

So as I grieve
I also feel
my heart opening
and ready
for the miracle
given to me
I pause
and surrender.


This is the answer I received when I asked for help.

Robert Montgomery

Don’t think. Just be.
All pain comes from thinking.
It separates us from life
placing experience in the mind
rather than the soul-body-mind.
Life here must be shared.

Yet spirit rules
even where it has no wish to.
It will always yield to the mind
for the spirit has no agenda.
It exists outside of time.
It has no use of fear.

The mind must rule to survive.
Such is its delusion.
A prisoner of time and space.
Fear is its greatest ally.
For this sword keeps us earthbound.
Here we can lose, be hurt, and die.

Even religion has given itself
to the mind’s control.
How else could we have imagined
a punishing God
or a hell of retribution?
The mind creating a God in its image.

We truly worship a false idol.
We bow down to the laws of loss and decay.
We praise judgement and damnation.
Never before has the wood of the cross been so strong.
Humanity nailed to a realm of fear.

Yet spirit resides here.
It sparkles within everything.
Unconcerned with the laws
of space and time.
True freedom- free dominion.

The challenge
is to cherish the mind
yet not to exalt it.
If befriended, it can do us no harm.
“Love your enemies, and they are enemies no longer.”

Give yourself the gift of stillness.
as often as is possible throughout the day.
Take a moment
one heartbeat to connect
with the truth of spirit within you.

In this way
you will begin to lay a foundation
of timelessness within time.
Creating a bridge over which you cross
from moment to moment.

With discipline and faith
you will begin to see
that your true life
exists within these moments
between the heartbeats.

You have felt them
so many times before
yet didn’t understand.

Caught in the beauty
of a golden sunrise,
suspended in the innocent laughter
of happy children,
transfixed by the magic
of a Christmas tree.

These are the moments
outside of time
where the soul reveals its secrets.

Not going anywhere
yet resting
in the Holy connection
between thought.

The mind then becomes the friend
which guides us back to the bridge.
Not thinking.
Just being.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the wheel turns...



A few days ago
I was sitting
on my bed
with my dog
and I thought
to myself
remember this
because it is
and it will
not last.

It is that
that nothing
lasts forever
which allows
us to move
and outward
into more

I lost
a friend
and the grief
is like water
flowing through
and around me
and just as
that moment
of perfect
I knew would
flow through
and past me
so too
will this.

It is
the gift
of surrender
when we
no other
when the pain
is too much
and God
is our only

I will be
one with
my grief
allowing it
to flow down
and through me
cleansing me
leaving me
and ready
for the return
of peace

It is
the heartbeat
of humanity
I feel tonight
playing out
the dance
of life.



For my friend Jack

I wonder
about time
and this life
running before me
like a river
wild and free
and unpredictable
asking how
can it mean anything
when every day
into yesterday
tomorrow's dreams
as today's adventure.

my heart
has embraced
so many shining
of eternity
tearing me
and leaving me
and broken
to the next embrace
for the loss
of innocence
for the wheel
to stop.

yet how
can sunlight
be held
in a fist of panic
how can a laugh
linger longer
even as the next breeze
takes it away
leaving only echoes
of happiness
memories unreliable
misty and vague
as time rolls on
the illusion
that I move through
this epic story.

of beauty
of perfection
a gentle glance
a knowing smile
these are the threads
which weave
the tapestry I wear
about me
warming me now
on this clear cool
autumn eve
a cloak of memory
of a warrior's dance
in humble wonder
of this miracle
called life.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

ready to be an instrument...



Robert Montgomery

Gentle morning...
I am calm
and focused...
the lessons
I have been
reminded of.

Ready to be
an instrument
of God's
on Earth.

The day sings
the song of waking...
Birds in joyous chorus
to the Heavens

I drink
from the font
of eternal Truth...
the water
the sweetest...
and thirst

Who can find
any agenda here
but God's?

His hands...
hold us.
His arms...
wrap about us.
His voice...
leads us...

to what
we would

in this
of eternity.

I stand
once again
at Heaven's

for instruction.
for guidance.
for acceptance.

And I know
that all
is given
the moment
I am
to remember.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Opening the Window



I had a brief moment in college
when I thought,
"I am going to write poetry."
and so I did.

I bought a journal
and I sat down to write
and out came a voice
I had never heard before.

It was the voice
which was always there
in my times of joy
and of sorrow.

It was the voice
of the morning mist
and the caress
of the afternoon breeze.

When I stopped
to listen
I could so clearly hear
the beauty of life.

simple really
all I needed to do
was ask.

We all have
a poet within
waiting for us
to give it permission
to speak.

This is one of the few pieces
I wrote back in 1985
when I let the window open
and gave myself the opportunity
to sing with my heart.

I read it
25 years later
and it is as if
I wrote it yesterday.



the day has come
Robert Montgomery

a private morning
I rise to starlight
flecks of light
clinging to the last moments
of night.

Air renewed
cool. crisp
lying ready
for the use of new day.

Where is the sun?
this yellow giant
who fires the world
in ageless splendor.

Mighty ruler
sleeping still
I set out,
in anticipation
of his glorious assent.

simple solitude
the street so barren
yet soon to be trodden
by foot and bike
its cargo now slumbering
behind shades of gray

and I alone
sharing silence
a private time

orange, yellow
the coloring of dawn
spread quickly behind mountains

it reaches outwards
brighter, brighter
until all is drenched
golden, glowing

the day has come...

Nov 1985

Footnote: I wrote this piece after a morning run. It was a glorious run indeed.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the river calls

Robert Montgomery

to the day
Yesterday ringing
through my head.
Will I make the most

of these gifts?
Every heartbeat
heaven sent...
drumming out a call
to action.
Calming a mind
which plays the tapes:
"You must do this!"
"You should do that!"
Regret and guilt
are the motivation
of a world still sleeping.
I listen
to the song within...
a river
taking me
through chaos
to paradise...
And here
we all meet
for the touching
of souls
is eternal...
a flame unwavering
in the fiercest storm.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heaven and in both worlds.



Much of my writing
speaks to homecoming.

It speaks to the call
our souls hear

above and beyond
this physical life.

When I feel most at peace
I lose my connection

to time and space
and am just
simply present.

We are spirit
trying to live
within a physical

And so we are faced
with the paradox

of life and death,
heaven and earth,
love and fear.

We are constantly
the extremes of life

trying to find
a balance between.

I am not sure
we will ever
achieve balance

for to find balance
you must be thrown off of it
from time to time.

For me
life is like the tides,

like the seasons,
like the breath.

It is always
and renewing.

It is a gift
of rebirth
in every moment.

I know
that joy
will pass
and so to
will sorrow.

It is this dance
between the spirit
and the physical
which is life.



Above and Below
Robert Montgomery

Why do I love so deeply
yet hold back at times
afraid of drowning
in such tempestual waters?

The surface of love
would seem to be so,
unsure, shifting with the wind,
the only order being chaos.

Yet beneath it all
is the great and mighty sea,
supporting, comforting,
holding every golden moment
safe and gentle.

within it depths
all is here.
Nothing is lost
to the surface storm
of time.

The illusion is all
when I live here
above love
not sinking down
into its welcoming embrace.

there can be loss
and heartbreak.

Yet here
is where I must live
and love
laughing and crying
with the wind.

and rejoicing
within times
seeming mastery.

A duality
of one
for one is part
of the other.

Life is of love
and love is life.
There is no above or below
where all is one.

Sunday, October 4, 2009





Robert Montgomery

do I live on a line?
or is it a wheel?
here to there
or all from a center?

to walk a line
leaves me
neither here nor there
past, future
all moving...
no connection.

the wheel gives me
a center
and as I turn
past, present, future
all connect
like ripples
in a still summer lake.

I live on a wheel.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pictures from life...











Robert Montgomery

free dominion
the domain
of the free

I am writing because ...
I know that there is something ...
wanting for a voice within me...
always there ...
waiting to be released...
patient and insistent...
furious and gentle...
builder and destroyer...
it is the me of the ages...
this pallet
richly stained ...
by the eruption of Life...
too long away...
I linger here...
timeless moment...
sure to be swallowed...
again in times delusion....
the focus obscured...
until the crystal...
shines clear again...
and I wonder...
have I been away?...
so much like a dream...
these times away...
that I scarcely notice...
the flow...
until I am away again...
and then it is the longing...
to return...
which aches within me...
irregular heart...
yearning to beat...
with the drums of Heaven...

I am writing because...
this key has been given me...
I know what it opens...
I see the garden before me...
so many friends...
blessed kindred...
beckon me home...
I write to remember...
the key in my hand...
I write to share...
this ecstasy...
of acceptance...
and total knowing...
returning to that...
which was never forgotten...
by the heart...
beating its ancient call...
to the truth...
virgin within us...
and as I write...
I am here..
amidst Heaven's sigh...
peaceful union...
connecting me...
golden thread...
stretching into eternity...
I write to share...
I write to create...
I write to sing ...
the song of homecoming...
to all who would hear.

the memory of peace...



Remembering Peace
Robert Montgomery

Oh peace…
when I remember you
life slows to a heartbeat.

feeding my soul
smiling through me.

You give me
such blissful

ancient rest.

Time forgotten
as illusion floats away
on the surface
of your eternal comfort.

“I rest in God”
here where meaning
is meaningless.

Oh peace
feed me the mana
for which I hunger.

Sweet homecoming
of stillness.

yet connected
through the gift
of your tranquil waters.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Breath of Heaven



Robert Montgomery

Why is unity so fleeting?
To touch the face of God completes us.
As is every cell, every breath, every thought,
rests safely in His loving embrace.

So natural it seems to remain here
in the bosom of acceptance.
All of life's mysteries revealed.
Wonder and gratitude flowing.

What pulls me away?
Watching from outside the window.
A beggar at the feast.
My invitation in my hand.

I see clearly the doors guardian.
Armored sentinel, fears companion.
Its face hidden behind
layers of denial and regret.

Easy to fear the unknown.
Easy to forget my Savior's promise.
Here in the icy illusion
which is my chosen reality.

Yet in a breath of Heaven
my God reaches out to me yet again.
I can see the guardian's face
and clearly it is my own.

His armor of separation falls away
in one glittering remembrance.
"Welcome" is his message.
Acceptance and understanding are His promises.

I have always been here.
Honored guest at the feast.
My brothers and sisters about me.
Singing the chorus of salvation.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

rising with the dawn...



Robert Montgomery

Quiet mind.
Don’t think.
Just feel this breath
moving up
and through.
Gentle peace
rising and falling
bringing smiles
of release
and blissful surrender.

All talked out.
Excused away
yet here again.
Always here

At the beginning.
If I could only
live in the dawn.
I am at my best
at daybreak.
My mind clear.
My heart focused.
Distraction yet to touch
my Holy mind.

How to live here
yet not be of here?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

finding the teacher within...



Autumn Morn
Robert Montgomery

I am so filled
with the joy of living
my heart singing out
on this cool autumn morn.
My heart belongs
to every child.

The vision still lingers
in theirs minds.
of a Heaven...
flashes of Utopian

They battle
the dampening
by the world
of thought.
The wisdom
of the physical.

"What you see is truth."
not what you feel within.

I seek to reveal
their beauty...
the untouched elegance
of their souls.

To teach
is to demonstrate
and so this is my journey
as well.
The children teaching me
as I teach them.

Their wisdom
in its simplicity.
Their innocent questions
shaking the world
to its foundations.

to the dream
living it
with every breath
creating family
amongst strangers.

We look
into the deep
of each others souls
and see

And so we become
one again...
We unite
in understanding...
all of us

All of us playing
as on an endless
summer day
drinking in
the brilliant warmth
of home.

Monday, September 7, 2009

another day begins...



Robert Montgomery

and finally
where are you really?
is there really anywhere
to go?

for how to move
when you
are always

as I begin
yet another day
full of possibility
and mystery.

One would think
that people
could not wait
for the dawn
in excitement
for the promise
of tomorrow.

We live
such patterned
routine moving us
through familiar steps.

and so we fall
to the wonder
of the breath
of the glory of light
and feeling.

every moment
never the same
yet all part
of the tapestry.

I drink
this moment...
sparkling elixir
of heaven.

It expands
within me
warming this vessel
to God's

rises within me
from my toes
and out
of my head.

His gift...
to me.
He wants
so very much
for me to learn
through joy.

and so
with His trust
in my heart
I step out
into another

Friday, September 4, 2009

thanking a friend...Namaste



heaven bound



the road
Robert Montgomery

Yesterday gone
I am here for another day Lord.
How many times
have we had this conversation?
How many mornings
have I breathed away the ragged
pain of yesterday?

I will look my pain in the face
To dull it denies
any connection
with my brothers and sisters.

We all share the same confusion.
We all cringe at the dark
and jump at shadows.
Yet through this epic dream
I can see ahead
the light of Heaven
pouring down from above.

Its light
extends down
into every darkened corner,
warming, glowing,
until all is "ablaze"
all is safe
in its gentle embrace.

I walk this road
not alone,
in faith and trust
that I must learn this
if I am to bring it to others.
I must know this
if I am to come home.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the gift of flight...



Remembered Wings
Robert Montgomery

My mind wants to wander
free from my own restrictions
released from this bondage
of who I think I need to be.

My soul wants to play
touching sunbeam to sunbeam
open to this truth
of who I am really.



Looking out
with soft eyes
and a gentle smile
of peaceful acceptance

upon a world
of angels
still remembering
they have wings.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i just love this is art



Saturday, August 29, 2009

welcome at the feast



Robert Montgomery

yearning to share
a door flung open
and out of the ancient halls
comes music divine.

Sweet billowing songs
of gratitude
echo throughout
this sacred place
too long held silent
and waiting.

words come
wanting to weave
wanting to stretch
the close fisted heart
of a frightened world.

sometimes this process
hurts and I can feel
the weeping inside myself.
Tears for the world
and grief
for not caring enough.

Is this evil?
Is this the force
which attempts
to take me
from God's right hand?
petty worry...
senseless desire...
dull pain?

to remember
fills the halls again
with rapturous music
and the gentle knowing
of my Lord's smile
always the choice...
always the table set
and waiting for
me to be seated.

Friday, August 28, 2009

the discipline of peace...



Robert Montgomery

Man has become waiters in time.
Marking the days.
We count down to events
only to pass them by
en route to another destination.

Sometimes we linger
and time slows to a heartbeat.
Beyond plans and definitions.
These pauses are ironically
the life we are searching for.

Everything else is movement
away from paradise.
For such is found within
and the spasms of the outer world
so many times blind us.

Can we live without and within?
Surely for God means us to be happy in physical form.
Yet this takes discipline
and a commitment to retrain the mind’s thinking.

Finding our inner voice opens all of life to us.
Suddenly the connection are clear
and we see beyond time and space
to the unity of all which is truth.

Why, how, when, where…
all become so many scattered petals
on the breeze of our Holy mind.
For where all is one
there are no questions.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pausing to Remember...



Robert Montgomery

the sky
and the promise
of sun drenched

and the echo
of play filled

the dawn
and the glory
of each newborn

and the reflection
of silver etched

and the beauty
of untouched

and the lessons
left along the road
before you

and the song
within you

the way

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Celestial Skies
Robert Montgomery

Celestial skies
cloudy, gray,
with bits of blue
peeking through.
Heaven looking down
as we slumber
in a colorless dream.

I sit here
as always
these hands
before me
these eyes
searching out

How can I seek
when I am here?
What can be looked for
where all is found?

Riddles of life
keeping me moving
when the secret lies
in stillness.

All the world
its flow
and tantrums
roll about me.

Yet I am
the eye of this storm.
I am
the expector
of these images.

I close my eyes.
Is the world still there?
I change my mind.
Is it still true?

Living in the moments
between the questions.
Picking words
as fruit from the vine.

Sweet nectar
ripe and waiting.
My soul
this attention.

Giving myself
to the flow
of my desire.
Not editing
or worrying about

Does the vine
worry of its blossoms?
Does the river
chart its course?

Now above
the skies begin to open.
Bright pieces of light.
Cracks in the gray.

Reminding me
of the Watcher
Who sees all
and is always with me.

As I look up
the light moves
into these eyes
and I am above
and below
and within.

Breathing myself
into the blessed
with sight
color and texture
creation and destruction.

I sit here
as always
this soul
reaching out
for communion.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Listen to the children...



Robert Montgomery

belongs to the children
yet we teach them
to grow up...
put it away.

but never leading
we walk the road
laid out for us...
not realizing
we could imagine
a new one.

The children
are our future
not because
they are tomorrow's
they are today's

What they teach us
can move us
into a new world.

The question remains...
will we listen?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finding the child inside...


Robert Montgomery

time in the sun
laughter sprinkled
along my forgotten
so long
childhood echoes
dusty in the afternoon

so much magic
in that remembered
haunting in its
complex simplicity
just out of focus
somewhere beyond
my reach.

I can see
there through it all
with me
on that playground
long ago
that boy
so knowing
and yet
so very afraid...

I can feel
that familiar
about my shoulders
touching my soul
when I felt
so very alone...

Where is he
that boy
who knew so much
who felt
so deeply
who suffered
the pain
of so many
confused angels?

Here he sits
smiling from deep
inside me
filling me up
with the wisdom
of an innocent
ripped open
by the world's

His eyes
look out and see
in their

I see
the angels
every day
in the war
etched faces
of the prematurely
I am so blessed
to know.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

On time...

Robert Montgomery

Time slows
To sunlight through trees
Warm upon my face
Forgotten and remembered
These echoes of eternity
Laughing away care
In valleys of dew
Freshly kissed
By the day

Time yawns
To stretch this breath
Up and through me
Vision expanded
Taking me upwards
And outwards until
I float as
Summer petals white
On this ancient breeze

Time suspends
To capture perfection
A crystal of knowing
Deep inside me
It sings of wisdom
And courage
It shines with strength
And compassion
Within me

Time teaches
To hold precious
This heartbeat
Shared with history
All lies within
And without
Above and below
Expanding to embrace
A life of true vision.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Heaven's Heart


I love this picture. It says everything.

heaven is waiting
Robert Montgomery

every moment
is creation.
every breath
a chance
to do things

We search
for secrets...
keys which will
open the doors
to our captive

seemingly made
of iron
cast deep
in the cauldron
of eternity...

Ours are dreams held
at someone else's mercy.

Yet if we only
were to look
we would see
the face
behind the mask.
we would see
the face
of our captor...

for it is ourselves.

In any moment
we are given
the choice.
In any moment
we can decide
to let our passion
and joy
run free...
until the world
is drenched
in the unbridled
of happiness.

The birds
already sing.
the light
already plays
against the wind
blown leaves.

It is a world
constantly calling
for our participation...
asking us
to join
the dance.

Will we make
the choice for joy
or for pain?
for surely either
will be reflected
onto a weary world
too long held
in the bondage
of our confusion.

the answers
cry out to us
in every moment...
ancient secrets
played out on the
gentle summer

stop and listen...
the birds are singing.
Will we join
the chorus
or will ours
be the cry
of anguish
before the falling
of the executioner?

it is our choice...
heaven is waiting.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Robert Montgomery

I flow
with this pen
from one moment
into the next.

to release
the need
to question at all.

to lose
this character
made up of scraps
of memory
and collected

of illusionary
seeking to save
rather than burn

Fragmented beings
only believe
they are so
when really
the fire
of one thousand
burns inside
for release.

we were
to understand...
if only
we threw
off the veil.
So thin
that which
separates us
from our salvation.

So thin
and yet
in our conditioned
we see
a fortress
from which
the only escape
is death.

And so
we hide
the safe
the truth.

one of us
the secret desire,
the hope,
that we will be
the one
to outwit death.

And yet
so many
have done this
but not within
the illusion.
They transcend
by being
a fearless part
of every breath.

the fire
to blissful

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inspired by the gift of song...

For those of you who have been lucky enough
to be inspired by the music of David Archuleta
this is for you.

But it also speaks
to inspiration as it comes
to us in any form.

This poem speaks
to the spirit
which dwells in each of us.

is a salute
to that spirit.

David's gift
has opened again within me
that voice,
that yearning to share
and to connect.

It is the tug on our hearts
we feel when he sings,
or talks, or laughs or just smiles.
It is the call of home
we all so long to hear.

I can so clearly see
and feel spirit
working through David
but the gift
is that I feel it again
within myself.

And so I share this
with all of you
in salute of that connection
we all share.

It is the prayer
I see within his face
whenever he offers
his heart to us.

The Gift
Robert Montgomery

Oh spirit start
to sing within me
play upon
my eager soul.

Open me
to joyful rapture
deep within
this willing heart.

I am yours
to turn and polish
making me
a tool of love.

I am here
in peaceful silence
looking to
the light above.

Oh spirit see
this empty vessel
ready to
be filled and poured.

Sharing song
and light and laughter
out onto
a ready world.