Saturday, December 5, 2009

another perfect day...



I wonder
how many perfect days
we could experience,
if only we let ourselves
relax and sink deeply
into the moment.

Is it about the event exactly
or is it that in those moments
we find a perfect connection
with who we really are?

David opens that door
for many of us.
He shows us a beauty
we all feel
deep within our hearts
but which is so many times
masked by fear and sorrow.

He laughs,
and smiles,
and bounces
his way
past our barracades
and lets the light shine
into our very souls.

I found a new family
the first time I experienced
David in concert.
And I found family again
Wed night in Anaheim.

We share
that common bond
of knowing but not knowing
why this angel of a boy
can touch us so deeply.

needs no explanation.
It merely is.
And the truth is
that David brings love.

He inspires me
to be open
to this miracle of life.
And he challenges me
to be a force for change
and peace in the world.

I was able to tell him
what his music
and example mean to me.
I told him
that he speaks
directly to my soul.

That soul connection
we all feel
not just with David
but with one another.

It is the greatest gift
we can offer.

And so I have
all I need today.
For I have a heart
and a soul
open and ready
to love.

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