Saturday, June 26, 2010

Above and below

Why do I love so deeply

yet hold back at times

afraid of drowning

in such tempestual waters?

The surface of love

would seem to be so,

unsure, shifting with the wind,

the only order being chaos.

Yet beneath it all

is the great and mighty sea,

supporting, comforting,

holding every golden moment

safe and gentle.


within it depths

all is here.

Nothing is lost

to the surface storm

of time.

The illusion is all

when I live here

above love

not sinking down

into its welcoming embrace.


there can be loss


and heartbreak.

Yet here

is where I must live

and love

laughing and crying

with the wind.


and rejoicing

within times

seeming mastery.

A duality

of one

for one is part

of the other.

Life is love

and love is life.

There is no above or below

where all is one.

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