Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finding life between the heartbeats.



Writing and music
and laughter and sorrow.
Christmas and celebration
and birth and death.
Life is showing its seasons.
Here in October
I am given the gift of Christmas
from David A. a bit early.
It reminds me of the birth
at a time when I am mourning
the loss of a life.

I am so thankful
for every experience in my life.
They all color
the palet of my heart.



I have found
that it is only
when I am forced
to stop and ask
for help
that the answers
come to me.

They are there
in the space
and regret.

As of late
life has opened
a way to
can open the door
as can joy
and laughter.

So as I grieve
I also feel
my heart opening
and ready
for the miracle
given to me
I pause
and surrender.


This is the answer I received when I asked for help.

Robert Montgomery

Don’t think. Just be.
All pain comes from thinking.
It separates us from life
placing experience in the mind
rather than the soul-body-mind.
Life here must be shared.

Yet spirit rules
even where it has no wish to.
It will always yield to the mind
for the spirit has no agenda.
It exists outside of time.
It has no use of fear.

The mind must rule to survive.
Such is its delusion.
A prisoner of time and space.
Fear is its greatest ally.
For this sword keeps us earthbound.
Here we can lose, be hurt, and die.

Even religion has given itself
to the mind’s control.
How else could we have imagined
a punishing God
or a hell of retribution?
The mind creating a God in its image.

We truly worship a false idol.
We bow down to the laws of loss and decay.
We praise judgement and damnation.
Never before has the wood of the cross been so strong.
Humanity nailed to a realm of fear.

Yet spirit resides here.
It sparkles within everything.
Unconcerned with the laws
of space and time.
True freedom- free dominion.

The challenge
is to cherish the mind
yet not to exalt it.
If befriended, it can do us no harm.
“Love your enemies, and they are enemies no longer.”

Give yourself the gift of stillness.
as often as is possible throughout the day.
Take a moment
one heartbeat to connect
with the truth of spirit within you.

In this way
you will begin to lay a foundation
of timelessness within time.
Creating a bridge over which you cross
from moment to moment.

With discipline and faith
you will begin to see
that your true life
exists within these moments
between the heartbeats.

You have felt them
so many times before
yet didn’t understand.

Caught in the beauty
of a golden sunrise,
suspended in the innocent laughter
of happy children,
transfixed by the magic
of a Christmas tree.

These are the moments
outside of time
where the soul reveals its secrets.

Not going anywhere
yet resting
in the Holy connection
between thought.

The mind then becomes the friend
which guides us back to the bridge.
Not thinking.
Just being.

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