Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heaven and Earth...living in both worlds.



Much of my writing
speaks to homecoming.

It speaks to the call
our souls hear

above and beyond
this physical life.

When I feel most at peace
I lose my connection

to time and space
and am just
simply present.

We are spirit
trying to live
within a physical

And so we are faced
with the paradox

of life and death,
heaven and earth,
love and fear.

We are constantly
the extremes of life

trying to find
a balance between.

I am not sure
we will ever
achieve balance

for to find balance
you must be thrown off of it
from time to time.

For me
life is like the tides,

like the seasons,
like the breath.

It is always
and renewing.

It is a gift
of rebirth
in every moment.

I know
that joy
will pass
and so to
will sorrow.

It is this dance
between the spirit
and the physical
which is life.



Above and Below
Robert Montgomery

Why do I love so deeply
yet hold back at times
afraid of drowning
in such tempestual waters?

The surface of love
would seem to be so,
unsure, shifting with the wind,
the only order being chaos.

Yet beneath it all
is the great and mighty sea,
supporting, comforting,
holding every golden moment
safe and gentle.

within it depths
all is here.
Nothing is lost
to the surface storm
of time.

The illusion is all
when I live here
above love
not sinking down
into its welcoming embrace.

there can be loss
and heartbreak.

Yet here
is where I must live
and love
laughing and crying
with the wind.

and rejoicing
within times
seeming mastery.

A duality
of one
for one is part
of the other.

Life is of love
and love is life.
There is no above or below
where all is one.

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